Evan Voytas – “I Run With You, Spirit Animal” Video

Los Angeles-via-Pennsylvania multi-instrumental singer and home recordist Evan Voytas — sort of a more clean-cut Ariel Pink — creates strange synth-pop/space-disco outings that feel danceable but private and insular. The idea’s explored in the video for his most recent single “I Run With You, Spirit Animal.” The clip was directed by Carlos Charlie Perez, who recently finished the upcoming Vampire Weekend video and shot those tongue-in-cheek promos that showed up on ithinkuracontra.com. You’ll find that playfulness, here as well, after Voytas locates a place to rest his plank of wood while he tries on sunglasses and animal masks.

For behind closed doors:

Evan Voytas – “I Run With You, Spirit Animal” (MP3)

You’ll hear more at MySpace. The “I Run With You, Spirit Animal” single looks like this:

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