New Streets – “The Escapist”

Mike Skinner dropped his new album preview on MySpace earlier this month, and it contained some promising bits including some of this, “The Escapist.” Like One Day As A Lion, turns out the new track is a warning delivered and a promise kept: Mike flows along to some backing choir choruses, and true to track and artist title, Skinner steals away from the city scene via lots and lots of winding pathways paved with tar and cement that cars and trucks use, otherwise known as, yep you guessed it: roads.

Man this new The Roads song is the jam. The press release says Mike actually walked all that way to France, which knowing what I know of him I don’t doubt in the slightest. Download the track by submitting a fake email here. It comes from Everything Is Borrowed, which is out in the UK on 9/15 via 679 and sometime thereafter in the US via Vice.

Tags: The Streets