The Killers Debut “Spaceman,” “Neon Tiger” In NYC

Wow, it’s sorta been awhile since we’ve heard from the Killers. Almost feels like, oh say 20 years (in blog time; actually it’s barely been eight months). Last night the band played Highline Ballroom for a fan club show (i.e. we were not there) and premiered a couple of new tunes. In the time since the disappointing (though not without its moments) Sam’s Town, it would appear Brandon Flowers has remembered how to shave, how not to ape the Boss (see: “Neon Tiger”), and, on the crowd-rousing “Spaceman,” how to write a hook.


“Neon Tiger”

A couple of cringy couplets dropping in that “Neon Tiger” breakdown, but overall not bad, and congrats to Brandon for sounding better live than usual. Sorry if you didn’t know about the show and wish you were there, but I guess membership in Sam’s Club has its privileges. The Killers are on track to finish their third LP before playing Reading and Leeds this August. Also they are about to reach their peak, so watch out now.

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