Werner Herzog To Direct Killers’ American Express Unstaged Webcast

Werner Herzog is the latest director to helm one of those AmEx Unstaged webcasts — joining the likes of Gary Oldman, Terry Gilliam, David Lynch and Anton Corbijn — when he’ll direct the Killers’ webcast from the Bronx on 9/18 (“I think there’s gonna be an animal involved,” Mark Stoermer told Rolling Stone). Sensing a fun WHAT-IF at hand, I asked the rest of the staff what their dream director/artist combo, living or dead, would be. Survey says:


Martin Scorsese and Rancid


Akira Kurosawa x Swans


PT Anderson x David Bowie


Darren Aronofsky/Krallice
Tim Burton/Animal Collective
Andy Warhol/Kitty Pryde

Michael reconsiders:

Maybe John Hughes would be better for Kitty Pryde. I dunno.

As for me, I’m going with Kanye/Tarantino. Or Kanye/Bay. Not going to overthink this. We’ll see your dream combos/Werner Herzog jokery in the ‘ments.