Watch Orbital Perform With Stephen Hawking At The Paralympics Opening Ceremony

The Olympics may be over, but the Paralympics, in which the human spirit regularly triumphs over even greater odds, is just getting started in London. And last night, in a spectacle to rival anything Danny Boyle came up with, the legendary dance duo Orbital performed their recent track “Where Is It Going?” with Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist whose electronic voice they sampled on the track, while a group of dancers impersonated the Hadron Collider. And they also mashed the song up with a group of disabled musicians, in a pretty amazing display of punk-rock defiance, covering Ian Dury And The Blockheads’ “Spasticus Autisticus.” Your mileage may vary, but I found the whole thing terribly moving. Watch it below.

Orbital’s new album Wonky is out now on ACP, and Hawking wearing a pair of their light-up glasses was a nice touch.