Velvet Davenport – “Get Out” (Feat. Ariel Pink & Gary War)

Velvet Davenport are an interestingly weirdo, backward-glancing psychedelic Minneapolis sextet who, judging from their bloody Happy Ending album art, don’t mind conjuring the Dwarves and/or Mudhoney even though sonically they’re more in line with warping Strawberry Alarm Clock or the Seeds or the Yardbirds or whatever. Right, maybe the similarities are coincidental (and/or acid induced), but what’s not is their recent “Get Out” collaboration with aesthetic brethren LA burnout Ariel Pink and onetime Ariel Pink band member/current Brooklyn resident Gary War. The happening was captured via an 8-track in War’s apartment. Pink and War lend their voices and various instruments. You can hear the results soon on a 7″ b/w “Run” via Shdwply. Until then, listen to “Get Out” over here.

Velvet Davenport – “Get Out” (Feat. Ariel Pink And Gar War) (MP

The “Get Out” b/w “Run” 7″ is out soon via Shdwply. You’ll find pre-order instructions at that site. If you’re curious, the band offers a free download of Happy Ending, among other things, at their MySpace.