Apparently Guns N’ Roses Played The John Varvatos Store Last Night For #fashionweek, Axl Freaked Out On A Blog Forum

The crowdsourced journalism of Twitter brings this situation to light, as do the attendant twitpics. The situation rendered in a lower light, those twitpics, but at least cameraphones are kind to Axl’s bloat — it is fashion week after all. (Update: Twitpic swapped for that photo that came in by Patrick McMullen.) This secret show went down at a Varvatos and L’Uomo Vogue afterparty, after a publicly billed set from Alberta Cross, who were really just a ruse/opener and now have a story to tell their moms about Fashion Week. Sure, there’s some unintentionally sad poetry to it all — at the John Varvatos store, built on the site of the once glorious CBGB, hosting “Guns N’ Roses,” also self-consciously built on a rusted foundation. But whatever Chinese Democracy and the band’s various spaghetti incidents did to your post-Illusion impression of them, this 17 song setlist is mostly great (so, mostly old), and doing it karaoke style and singing every word with Axl and his GN’R cover band would have offered a unique brand of stupid fun.

We have the setlist and some video, but there’s another Axl note worth noting: Despite being dispelled, rumors that Rose had banned all Slash-related merch and shirts from GN’R shows persisted online to the point that he took to the internet and lashed out. His tirade reads like alternate lyrics to “Get In The Ring,” so you should read it:

What the fuck do you know? That’s right! You don’t know jack fucking shit you fucking ignorant, know it all, fucking deluded, misguided, self important, self righteous, pious, small minded, clueless, loud mouthed, arrogant cunt. You’re not a fan or a voice of reason… you’re a sick n’ diseased mind spilling it’s bile over the internet.

Axl posted that as username Dexter (a handle he’s used before) to the MyGNRForum (via RockDaily). Read the whole thing here.

OK. Last night’s setlist:

01 “You’re Crazy”
02 “Mr. Brownstone”
03 “I Used to Love Her”
04 “Welcome To The Jungle”
05 “Street Of Dreams (The Blues)”
06 “Sorry”
07 “It’s So Easy”
08 Band intros –> “Patience”
09 “Rocket Queen”
10 jam –> “Catcher In The Rye”
11 “My Michelle”
12 “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”
13 “Whole Lotta Rosie” (AC/DC cover)
14 “Paradise City”
15 “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
16 “This I Love”
17 “Night Train”

Via press release, the band’s lineup was “DJ Ashba, Ron Thal and Richard Fortus, bassist Tommy Stinson, keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman and drummer Frank Ferrer.” Setlist via BV, as is this video, which we’ll update with more of its kind if/when they pop.

Looks exactly like when the real GN’R did the real CBGB in ’88, rrrriiiggghhhttt?