Jean Grae – “Kill Screen”

Rap veteran and pioneering female emcee Jean Grae has been underground for a minute, but, as she tells it, she’s got a lot of new material on the horizon. Today, she dropped the ‘Donkey Kong’/King Of Kong-inspired single “Kill Screen,” a track that easily escapes novelty thanks to Grae’s typically clever, cutting lyrics. “Boundaries? Got none. / Rock, paper, shotgun,” Grae recites, easily slithering in and out of different flows. Billy Mitchell shout-out, too! Here’s Grae with some more on forthcoming Gotham Down, which “Kill Screen” is from:

MTV: What can fans expect from the rest of the Gotham Down project?

Free cocaine!

(via MTV Hive)

She, unfortunately, retracts that offer. Download “Kill Screen” below.

Jean Grae – “Kill Screen”

Gotham Down is out soon. The much-anticipated Cake Or Death will follow soon after, Grae says in an interview with MTV.

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