Buke & Gase – “Misshaping Introduction” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Tomorrow, the Brooklyn DIY duo Buke & Gase release their new digital EP Function Falls, and we’ve already posted the jittery, seesawing opening track “Misshaping Introduction.” The band’s new self-directed video, which they call “a moving self-portrait” is just as jittery; it has the two members’ images floating and jumping through rooms like ghosts. Watch it and read the band’s statement about it below.

Footage was self-shot within four rooms of our homes, plus outside Arone’s back porch. Then replayed/animated and re-filmed. Then, once again, replayed, manipulated and arranged.

It was our curiosity edited and re-edited, hoping to end up with something interesting and rather than focusing on the persons-and-their-personalities in the viewfinder, hoping to show subtle interaction with blur or crisp, and how that fit into the song to which it was arranged.

Shortly put, this is a product of what sound or sight occurs when we experiment together.

Function Falls is out 9/11 on Brassland.