CANT – “Ghosts (Class Actress Remix)”

In its original instance, the debut single “Ghosts” from CANT aka Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor is a spacious, spectral statement of intent from the bassist-turned-producer-turned-label-chief, simultaneously submerged underwater in its low-end, airy and, yep, ghostly in its top-line filigree. Here “Ghosts” gets a pulsing, club-sick synth-struck makeover in the native vein of Class Actress, who I called “the cream of the Terrible Records crop” after a particularly righteous recent show at Glasslands. But that’s a designation which ought to be qualified to account for the label’s co-founder and mainbrain, so consider this a highly downloadable document of Terrible’s top two.

CANT – “Ghosts (Class Actress Remix)” (MP3)

“Ghosts” is available as a split 7″ b/w a previously unreleased Arthur Russel song via Terrible, the same label that’s released Class Actress’s excellent Journal Of Ardency EP. Here’s a taste:

Class Actress – “Careful What You Say” (MP3)

The CANT 7″ is the first in a series of singles promised this year. Quite stylish.