The Hundred In The Hands – “Dressed In Dresden (Maxime 2600 In My Hands Remix)”

Brooklyn’s the Hundred In The Hands have been around for a minute — guitarist Jason Friedman was in the the Boggs, singer Eleanore Everdell did guest vocals for “Lover’s Day” from TV On The Radio’s Dear Science. Together the duo make tight, danceable post-punk, as on “Dressed In Dresden.” The “Dresden” single was originally out in 2009, but Warp just signed the Hundred In The Hands and commissioned a series of remixes for the official release. This one, from Maxime, uncoils the song a little, softens up the drums, and matches some bubbly synth to Everdell’s airy vocals. It’s not as pounding as the original — maybe Maxime sensed that there was more room to play around with the song if there was a bit more space to breathe.

The Hundred In The Hands – “Dressed In Dresden” (Maxime 2600 In My Hands Remix) (MP3)

The original:

The Hundred In The Hands – “Dressed In Dresden” (MP3)

The “Dressed In Dresden” single and remixes comes out 4/5 via Warp. The Hundreds In The Hands will celebrate the April release with a show at Santos Party House, featuring DJ sets from James F*cking Friedman, Max Plask , Jacques Renault, and The Rapture.