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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

We didn’t get to see too many mind-boggling short-form videos this week, but we did get one long one in which one of our greatest, most ambitious indie bands takes its packed-to-bursting, unapologetically pretentious musical maximalism to the screen, staying bizarre and compelling throughout. That alone makes it a pretty good week. Check for our picks below.

5. Family Band – “Moonbeams” (Dir. Sam Macon)

A tender, beautifully-shot love story that just happens to be inhabited by two people wearing skeleton costumes from Ricky’s. Those shots of the bike and the skateboard coasting along next to each other are just swoon-worthy, and the final punchline is really just one tiny sigh of contentment. A win for sentimentality.

4. Icky Blossoms – “Cycle” (Dir. David Dean Burkhart) (NSFW)

A win for the complete opposite of sentimentality. This nonstop barrage of vintage porn is enough to straight-up overload your brain in a not-unpleasant kind of way. Absolutely shameless, but that’s why God invented the internet.

3. Absu – “Hall Of The Masters” (Dir. Daniel Garcia)

A ridiculous but perfectly effective three-minute horror movie. It explains nothing about its central circumstance, but all the greatest horror movies hold back on explanations. And this one pulls off the rare feat of making low-budget CGI look something other than completely comical.

2. Smoke DZA – “Kenny Powers” (Dir. Creative Control)

I’m an absolutely helpless mark for a few things, and one of those things is a rap video, full of low-angle fisheye-lens shots, in which someone frantically chases a gigantic chicken through city streets. I just can’t not like it. It’s not who I am.

1. Dirty Projectors – Hi Custodian (Dir. Dave Longstreth)

Longstreth may never be as good at crafting images as he is at stacking otherworldly harmonies on top of each other, but he’s not going to let a little thing like that stop him from going all Jodorowsky on us. One amazing thing about this film is that it exists at all. Another is that it’s pretty fun to watch throughout. Music is good, too.