Girls – “The End Of The World” (Skeeter Davis Cover)

With this cover of “The End Of The World,” Bay Area janglers Girls nearly make beloved country-pop songstress Skeeter Davis a trending topic. Their Skeeter spin is the second of its kind from a high profile act of late, the other logged in the tracklist of She & Him’s forthcoming Vol. 2 (that’d be “Gonna Get Along Without You'”). Girls chose the very best (or at least, the most notable) Skeeter song for their purposes, here, and there’s no surprise that takiing on Skeeter’s vulnerable, world-weary vocal suits Chris just fine.

Girls – “The End Of The World” (Skeeter Davis Cover) (MP3)

That comes via NME, from a UK only 7″ release of Girls’ “Morning Light.” If covers aren’t enough of an inter-Album stopgap for you Girlsheads, try this new song or their contribution to the morning benders’ great “Excuses” live session.