Glasser – “Tremel”

Glasser – “Tremel”

Los Angeles True Panther associate and Tanlines collaborator Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, has a new 12″ out in March. The title track — a standout that’s been floating around for a bit, but finally finds a proper release — builds its dreamy momentum via overlapping percussion, vocals, synthesizers/electronics, and a feel that’s both tropical and frozen. The lyrics deal with water, tides, drowning. Take a dip.

Glasser – “Tremel” (MP3)
(Via Transparent)

The “Tremel” 12″ is out 3/29 via Young Turks. You can pre-order it now. It’ll include remixes, including one by Jamie of the xx. The older video treatment by Sarah Enid Hagey.

[Photo and dress by Ida Falck Ă˜ien]

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