Robin Pecknold – “White Lace, Regretfully”

Earlier this month, Fleet Foxes’ manager Aja Pecknold’s Unified Field Collective team published an extremely limited run of a literary journal called The Unified Field, which had contributions from Gloria Steinem, photographer Autumn de Wilde, and West Memphis 3 member Damien Echols. It also came packaged with a 10″ records that included raw, unfinished songs from Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and Amen Dunes. The Pecknold song is called “White Lace, Regretfully,” and it seems like it was recorded on a Fisher-Price tape recorder from across a room. It’s scratchy, and it cuts off randomly toward the end. But it’s still Robin Pecknold singing and playing guitar, and as such, it’s still extremely pretty. Hear it below.

The Unified Field is all sold out online, but it’s still available at many independent bookstores and at Ace Hotels.