New Lykke Li Video – “Breaking It Up”

We just saw old timey BTW Lykke Li doing a Take-Away or three with Sarah ‘El Perro Del Mar’ Assbring and friends. In the Sarah Chatfield-directed video for “Breaking It Up,” old-school Lykke makes like old-school Madonna, tying up would-be lovers, rejecting dudes for no apparent reason, leaning against some shirtless guy, leaving a guy while she’s still asleep, and dancing all over the place (bathroom, hallways, besides ladders, in warehouses, etc). When we first watched Lykke in “Little Bit,” it was clear she liked to dance, but she’s added more attitude (and eye makeup) to the mix.

Yup, she’s good, she’s gone. The man she loves? Bon Iver. As she writes at her Myspace blog:

Oh my lord what a man, what a album. Looked at his performance on Jools Holland and it almost made me cry. Well, maybe not so much only him but Ive been finding myself in an constant kind of sentimental mood. Is it the constant travelling, new hotels everyday, or maybe the lack of summer? Or maybe that reality never lives up to our hopes of love? Or does it? What do you think?
Anyways, take a look at this link:

Sometimes I wish I were a man and if I could be anyone right now I’d definitly be him, I love his voice….It gets to my skin. It makes me so happy to be truly amazed and touched by an contemporay artist in these modern times of despair.
Maybe my new album will be a cover album of his album? Eh? Maybe not. But Ill definitly bring out the man in me soon…

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