The Seether’s Louise

This week I rediscovered Veruca Salt’s Eight Arms To Hold You, a fun indiegrrrlpoprock disc I listened to a lot until someone I lent it to never returned it. Since it’s I Love The ’90s: Part Deux week, I’m gonna go ahead with the ’90s nostalgia post. This cut’s about Nina listening to Ziggy Stardust on her Walkman on the way to school. It’s super catchy.

Veruca Salt – “With David Bowie”

Coincidentally Music-For-Robots did a post about Nina Gordon yesterday and introduced me to a media-rich Nina site where I found:

Nina Gordon – “One More Night” (Live)

Unironic Phil Collins covers = always hott.

Anyway, Louise (who I had the bigger crush on) is still touring Australia under the Veruca name and preparing the band’s fourth album.

What are some random “alternative” ’90s albums you still listen to (guilty pleasure stizz)?

UPDATE: Erin (creator of writes in:

that phil collins cover is available as a studio recording at it’s dave gibbs from the gigolo aunts site and he did it as a duet with nina. kid_lightning_&

Thanks Erin!

Related: Did anyone see the Gin Blossoms perform at the “prom” on last night’s High School Reunion? The drummer made out with one of ‘em.