Soundgarden – “Been Away Too Long”

It’s been 16 (!) years since Soundgarden’s last studio full-length, so the title of their comeback single is pretty apt. The first full track released off King Animal, “Been Away Too Long,” has a Badmotorfinger-ish groove and a vintage Cornell upper-range vocal. It’s definitely a bit structurally convoluted — as if the band was trying to showcase every element of their vast sound over the course of three and a half minutes — but make no mistake: It rocks hard. Between this and the snippet we got of “Worse Dreams” last month, I’m definitely excited to hear the album in full. As noted on the band’s Facebook, “Been Away Too Long” is officially out tomorrow, but you check it out below. All King Animal info after the jump.

01 “Been Away Too Long”
02 “Non-State Actor”
03 “By Crooked Steps”
04 “A Thousand Days Before”
05 “Blood On The Valley Floor”
06 “Bones Of Birds”
07 “Taree”
08 “Attrition”
09 “Black Saturday”
10 “Halfway There”
11 “Worse Dreams”
12 “Eyelid’s Mouth”
13 “Rowing”

King Animal is out 11/13 on Seven Four/Republic.

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