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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Lately, we seem to be having on-weeks and off-weeks for videos, and this was an off-week. Last week brought a deluge, and this week, things have slowed down a bunch. But even in the off-weeks, there are plenty of absorbing visions floating around out there, and we’ve got five of them below

5. Team Ghost – “Dead Film Star” (Dir. Simon Cahn)

A sharp little mini-horror movie with a legitimate jump moment, one that neatly inverts the whole Final Girl formula. It looks like what happens after the slasher flick ends, when the one battered and bruised girls stumbles back toward civilization. It turns out to be something else.

4. Miike Snow – “Pretender” (Dir. Vern Moen)

In the last three Miike Snow movies, all directed by Andreas Nilsson, we’ve seen the story of the recurring character Jean Noel, a big-nosed, vinyl pansted-alien being who’s invaded earth or something like that. This fourth installment is way less ambitious and more fun, as Jean Noel runs around L.A.’s ravey HARD festival and fits right in. It’s sort of like how ALF could only leave the Tanners’ house during Halloween.

3. The Hood Internet – “One For The Record Books” (Feat. A.C. Newman & Sims) (Dir. Jason Goldwatch)

A sweet small-town Juggalo love story — and, judging by the attractiveness differential of the couple in question, a supremely unlikely one. But, I mean, gigantic followers of the Dark Carnival need love too.

2. Sigur Rós – “Ekki Múkk” (Dir. Nick Abrahams)

In which Baltimore mayor Tommy Carcetti, looking like he’s seen better days, spends 10 beautifully photographed minutes, bonding with a philosophically muttering snail and an adorable zombie fox. When your city’s tax base keeps shrinking and dead bodies keep turning up in vacant houses, I guess you need to do something to unwind.

1. Grizzly Bear – “Yet Again” (Dir. Emily Kai Bock)

A figure skater falls through the ice, washes up at a greasy small-town carnival, catches a ride home with some backwood folk, and seems remarkably sanguine about the entire experience, at least until the final seconds. An expertly-conceived dream-logic scenario that absorbs completely even as it leaves behind the entire idea of making sense.