Watch Andrew W.K. Speak At My Little Pony Convention

A few months ago, news circulated that relentlessly positive party monster Andrew W.K. would speak at a My Little Pony convention, and the reaction was pretty much universal: “What is that going to look like?” Well, the convention, complete with AWK panel, happened this past weekend, and now we can answer the question for ourselves.

Rolling Stone reports that AWK greeted the occasion with the level of effulgence that you’d expect. He called the convention “the most intense experience of my life” and offered hard-won wisdom like this: “Whatever you want to play with, it’s OK. It’s not only OK, it’s good. This is a forward-thinking, advanced movement that is ahead of the curve.” He also took questions and shot confetti from a “party cannon.”

Meanwhile, some well-meaning insane person ripped a stream of the entire panel and posted it on YouTube. If you’ve got 66 minutes to spare, it’s below.

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