Digital Love

Electronica is so 1998, but nineties nostalgia is so 2005. Here’s some hott new dance music for robots.

Death In Vegas – “Anita Barber”
Fans of the superb Contino Sessions will want to dismiss the new Death In Vegas disc. Don’t. It sounds soulless at first, but it’ll get under your skin.

LCD Soundsystem – “Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up”
This disc doesn’t blow me away, but hipper bloggers seem to think it’s the greatest thing since sliced I like this tune because it sounds like Pink Floyd.

Daft Punk – “Human After All” (apparently this is a fake, sorry kids)
I didn’t even know Daft Punk had a new album coming out, but someone e-mailed me this funky track this morning. Thanks mystery person, I love it. I would dance to it if I danced.

In brief…

  • Basement Jaxx are dropping a singles comp in March. It’s got 2 new tracks, one of which is at Fluxblog.
  • Portishead are working on their first album in eight years.
  • ElectroBeck has announced a tracklist and release date for Guero.
  • Aphex Twin is doing an album of Joanna Newsom remixes. Just kidding. But he is releasing a ten-part Analord series that will be expensive and unlistenable.