Wooden Wand – “Southern Colorado Song”

James Jackson Toth is a Stereogum contributor, but he’s much better known (and rightly so) by his musical alias Wooden Wand. As Wooden Wand, James has produced a majestic catalog of bleak and beautiful (and occasionally terrifying) folk/country/indie music. I won’t pretend to be unbiased here — I’m the dude’s editor, after all — but I will say that I was a fan of his music long before I had ever spoken to him, and Stereogum was covering him long before he wrote for us. Anyway, he’s got a new album out next January, called Blood Oaths Of The New Blues. The first song to be released from that album is called “Southern Colorado Song,” about “the menacing firsthand account of the real-life Doherty Gang’s crime spree.” Give it a listen.

Blood Oaths Of The New Blues is out 1/7 via Fire Records.