The Shins, Washed Out @ Gibson Amphitheater, Los Angeles 10/2/12

Fresh from their appearance on Conan, the Shins filled up the expansive Gibson Amphitheater and somehow managed to make it feel like a small intimate show. With top notch musicians like Jessica Dobson, Richard Swift, and Joe Plummer backing James Mercer, the Shins were able to recreate the textural nuances of their latest album Port Of Morrow with soaring vocal harmonies, watery keyboards, and a touch of violin. Washed Out submerged the crowd in waves of synthesizers playing such songs as “Amor Fati” and “Within and Without.” Check out the pictures above and the setlist below.

01 “Kissing The Lipless”
02 “Caring Is Creepy”
03 “Simple Song”
04 “Know Your Onion!”
05 “Bait And Switch”
06 “The Rifle’s Spiral”
07 “Pam Berry”
08 “Phantom Limb”
09 “Saint Simon”
10 “It’s Only Life”
11 “So Says I”
12 “Girl Sailor”
13 “Australia”
14 “Port Of Morrow”
15 “New Slang”
16 “Sleeping Lessons”
17 “No Way Down”
18 “Sphagnum Esplanade”
19 “One By One All Day”