Neurosis – “We All Rage In Gold”

Every new Neurosis release is cause for celebration; over the last quarter-century, the band has built one of the strongest catalogs in heavy music and, really, changed the course of metal, slowing it down to the cadence of an underwater war march, adding elements of goth, industrial, and post-punk. There aren’t many bands that can be legitimately described as trailblazers, but in the case of Neurosis, that’s almost an understatement. The band’s 10th LP, Honor Found In Decay, will be released at the end of this month on their own Neurot label. It opens with the roiling, slow-building “We All Rage In Gold,” which you can listen to here.

You can also check out the album’s second track, “At The Well,” here. Honor Found In Decay will be released 10/30 via Neurot.

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