Download Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze Kill Or Be Killed Mixtape

Deniro Farrar is a hardnosed, tough-talking North Carolina rapper who manages to radiate despair and menace without wasting any syllables. Shady Blaze is a Main Attrakionz associate from the Bay Area, a Twista/Bone Thugs-style fast-rap specialist who goes all melodiously mile-a-minute over blissed-out cloud-rap beats. The two make an oddly effective pairing on the new collaborative mixtape Kill Or Be Killed. The tape has contributions from a pretty huge chunk of the current internet-rap underground: Main Attrakionz, Haleek Maul, Tree, ST 2 Lettaz, Friendzone, Boldy James, Ryan Hemsworth. And the mixtape track “Cold Blood,” it bears mentioning, samples Goblin’s theme to Suspiria, which sounds fucking awesome. Check the tape out below.

Pay what you want to download it at Bandcamp.