Watch Morrissey On Colbert

The combination of Stephen Colbert and Morrissey is such a stark, extreme contrast between two very different forms of archness that I’m surprised the universe didn’t find some incredibly withering way to explode when the two of them sat down across from each other. During their interview, Colbert baited Morrissey about both his hatred for the royal family and his refusal to reunite with Johnny Marr. And honestly, it’s deeply refreshing to see (1) an interviewer who doesn’t fall all over Morrissey and (2) a Colbert guest who doesn’t strain to be in on the joke. On the show, he also sang “People Are The Same Everywhere” and, as an online bonus, “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris.” Watch the interview and both songs below.

Now someone please make a GIF wall of Morrissey reaction shots.