YACHT Are Making A TV Show

Around last November, the band YACHT moved to Los Angeles. Just under a year later, they have announced a new TV show. YOU KNOW HOW IT IS.

The show is called Support, and Amazon Studios optioned it. Logline: “An ensemble comedy about life on the rock ‘n’ roll road, as seen through the eyes of its least glamorous participants: the opening band.” The show’s Created and Written By credits go to Jona Bechtolt, Jeffrey Brodsky, Claire Evans, Rob Kieswetter — each member of the band — and the scriptwriters provided this joint statement of intent:

For the past three years, we’ve imagined our lives on the road as a TV show. In many ways, a tour is a perfect analogue to an episodic series: there’s a central cast of characters, recurring locations, absurd scenarios, and new conflicts to resolve every day. There are just too many stranger-than-fiction moments that we’ve wanted to share, but haven’t had the time or outlet to do so. We’ve been keeping notes of every ridiculous interaction and story in a shared document and we can’t wait to unearth them all through the show.

Write what you know. The pilot script to YACHT’S Support is available freely online — click for the PDF. If you love it, keep your eyes peeled as we’ll surely post when it hits Amazon. (Oh yeah, should mention: Amazon has a video content production arm!) If you dislike it, put that energy to good use: Submit your own idea, as Amazon is calling all takers. Here’s your shot don’t blow it, you’ve been waiting for this for awhile now. This info comes via Hollywonk, Amazon Studios’ in-house blog.