Download Wiz Khalifa Cabin Fever 2

A couple of years ago, Wiz Khalifa ascended to one of the most annoying forms of pop stardom imaginable. But he’s still the guy who built a huge cult audience by touring relentlessly for years and mastering a particularly zoned-out and hook-happy form of weed-rap, and every once in a while, he reminds us of it. Wiz’s 2011 tape Cabin Fever was a lot of fun, and today, we get the sequel. (Cabin Fever 2 didn’t get its title from Wiz’s Ti West fandom, although that would’ve been amazing.) Midway through my first listen, I’m enjoying the tape, which seems to be Wiz’s take on the recent stripped-back West Coast teen-rap style known as ratchet. Juicy J, French Montana, and Problem guest. Listen below.

Download the tape for free at DatPiff.

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