What’s With The Hair Though?

What’s With The Hair Though?

No buzz for Tegan And Sara in Ultra’s comment section. C’mon, “Walking With A Ghost” isn’t that offensive! At least they play instruments, right? Pitchfork remains unimpressed.

The first single from So Jealous, “Walking With a Ghost,” sounds like one of those dummy mp3s major labels post on KaZaA to fool unsuspecting music lovers, where the first 10 seconds loop for five minutes. Remember when you thought “House of Jealous Lovers” was instrumental? “Walking With a Ghost” repeats three or four mundane phrases– particularly “out of my mind”– dozens of times in two-and-a-half-minutes, all over the same jerky, studio-polished guitar chords. I suppose it’s almost as catchy as the latest McDonalds jingle, but it’s also utterly boring.

Even if you don’t like their music, don’t you agree their party invite is cute? (.mov file)

What’s with the hair though? Is that a Canadian thing?

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