Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we anointed Godspeed You! Black Emperor, heard the great new Local Natives, read an insightful Turntable Interview with Grass Widow’s Hannah Lew, and remembered why we don’t care for the Vines. We gave your 7th Grade nephew a great starter kid to get into DC hardcore, and as for the news that matters, two more words that have no link tied to them yet: Kendrick Lamar. Oh and also, it’s been CMJ and we’ve seen a ton of stuff, which we’ll tell you about on Monday. Until then, think back on the week that was in your most gorgeous and deplorable commentary:



Nathan Christensen | Oct 16th Score:11

says the guy with “derp” in his name.

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Andrew Burr | Oct 12th Score:11

Correction: His best shit since Devil in a New Dress… He wrecked it.

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#8  dcapp | Oct 12th Score:12


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#7  crania americana | Oct 12th Score:13

I’m going to go ahead and not listen to this and just assume based on the title that this is penis-themed. Hearing the actual song would ruin the hilarious song about penises I fancifully imagine this to be.

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Michael Hanna | Oct 12th Score:14

I hate this.
I love this.
She’s ugly.
She’s pretty.
She had plastic surgery!
She did not!

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Victor Rocha | Oct 16th Score:15

He was obviously trying to get free and ride into the sun when his mom got in the way.

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#4  aldo | Oct 12th Score:16

Lost my virginity to and then nothing turned itself inside out… #1 in my book.

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Yoni Izhaky Rapaport | Oct 16th Score:23

Tom, two months ago in this column, you started off with a seemingly irrelevant paragraph comparing Godspeed and Neurosis live, and now here we are, and they’ve each dropped an amazing and unexpected album on our ears. Maybe this is some new power you have? Want to try starting off next week’s album of the week with a paragraph on My Bloody Valentine and OutKast?

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#2  saturnian | Oct 15th Score:30

If this article were titled “Ben Gibbard and Why We Want Him to be Making Another Postal Service Album” I would agree with it more.

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Richard Kuta | Oct 16th Score:-6

Pfff. He’ll play the autism card to Get Free. Everyone these days uses that excuse to justify their erratic behavior.

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Patrick Stoddard | Oct 12th Score:-7

What a terrible bloody song. If this song didn’t have the name Sufjan Stevens attached you never would have written about it. Dude’s starting to jump the shark.

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Alex Cho | Oct 18th Score:-9

Glad they’re back but we don’t need another Coldplay.

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Kevin Broydrick | Oct 16th Score:-10

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Scott Gallagher | Oct 16th Score:-27

Don’t hate him for doing what we all want to do to our mother’s…

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Corey Minagh | Oct 16th Score:7

What a tosser.

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  raptor jesus | Oct 15th Score:4

This video must take place before “The Full Retard” video as Mr. Killums is wearing an eye patch in that video.

So now we know!

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