Badly Drawn Boy’s Tsunami Gig

On Saturday Damon Gough (AKA Badly Drawn Boy) played a beautiful stripped-down set at Cardiff Millenium Stadium as part of a benefit for tsunami victims. If you were not in attendance, you best click here to get MP3s of that show (and others). He closed the gig with two of my faves: the Dylanesque “A Minor Incident” and a jazzy “Once Around The Block.” I’m a huge fan of the scruffy Brit (as I’m sure many of you are), but if you happen to be new to this knit hat wearing, Backstreets subscribing, modern day troubador, start with Mercury Prize winner Hour Of Bewilderbeast. I like Nick Hornby’s description best: “It’s recognizably English without all the irritations that implies. It’s got soul, it’s literate without being pretentious, the quiet bits aren’t wimpy, it’s not boorish… Who else is there?”