John Talabot & Pional – “Braves” (Spanish Marathon Theme Song)

John Talabot and Pional, two Barcelona dance producers who team with each other frequently, have once again linked up for a new track. This one, “Braves,” will serve as the theme of the annual Divina Pastora Marathon in Valencia, and the race organizers will attempt to lift the runners’ spirits by playing the song around the 22-mile mark. The track itself isn’t an all-out sprint; it’s a slinky piece of disco-house. But I can imagine it’d sound pretty great if you were absolutely sucking air and doing your best to not die. Download it below.

John Talabot & Pional – “Braves”
(via FACT)

The Divina Pastora Marathon comes to Valencia 11/18. Also check out Talabot and Pional’s collaborations “So Will Be Now…” and “Destiny.”