Lollapalooza 2008: Surprise! Radiohead Own Day One

By Scott Lapatine & Amrit Singh

Every other night in this weekend there will be a final set showdown — Kanye or Trent? Tweedy or de la Rocha? — but the Lolla organizers didn’t even bother for Friday. There’s this band called Radiohead, and they tend to own your face. Honestly something about the energy in band and crowd may have been slightly off — Thom copped to being jet-lagged at one point, told us “You’re quiet, Chicago” during “Optimistic” — but as DeRo put it, Radiohead at its least extraordinary is still better than most, and the set still had the sort of magic that make them, them. See: The fireworks display timed perfectly with “Everything In Its Right Place,” intensifying into a grand finale during “Fake Plastic Trees”‘ climax. Even the security guards felt that shit. And the setlist was pretty stellar, choice cuts from across the catalogue (save Pablo), showcasing their myriad looks. New York, you are in for a treat next weekend. Well, two treats. We’ve got a full setlist, a couple of crappy YouTubes from that singularly epic “Fake Plastic” moment, and a bunch of photos for ya. But first, if you were there last night, see if you can spot yourself:

01. “15 Step”
02. “Airbag”
03. “There There”
04. “All I Need”
05. “Nude”
06. “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi”
07. “The Gloaming”
08. “The National Anthem”
09. “Faust Arp”
10. “No Surprises”
11. “Jigsaw Falling Into Place”
12. “Reckoner”
13. “Lucky”
14. “The Bends”
15. “Everything In Its Right Place”
16. “Fake Plastic Trees”
17. “Bodysnatchers”
18. “Videotape”
19. “Paranoid Android”
20. “Dollars and Cents”
21. “House of Cards”
22. “Optimistic”
23. “2+2=5″
24. “Idioteque”

[Photos by Amrit]

Here’s a little of the scene, set at low-resolution and 450 pixels width:

“Everything In Its Right Place” / “Fake Plastic Trees”

Here’s “Fake Plastic Trees” from a closer vantage. It was a moment.