Young Dreams – “Fog Of War” Video

Young Dreams are a Norwegian orchestral pop collective, and their new single “Fog Of War” takes the sonic hallmarks of chillwave (faraway synths, pubescent sad-kid yelps) and turns them grand and epic, blowing them out to Arcade Fire proportions. In the song’s brand-new video, we learn what happens when you leave two French teenagers home alone and give them access to liquor, weed, a pool, a crossbow, and a Blu-Ray of Apocalypse Now. Hint: Nothing good! Director Kristoffer Borgli’s video is gorgeously filmed, and its narrative is rendered with excellent cinematic economy, but you probably shouldn’t watch it unless you think you can handle the sight of a dead dog on fire. Below, watch the video and download both the original track and a rippling dance remix from Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio.

Young Dreams – “Fog Of War”

Young Dreams – “Fog Of War (Baio Remix)”
The “Fog Of War” single is out now on Modular, and it also has remixes from Lemonade and Korallreven.