Heems – “Soup Boys (Pretty Drones)”

Das Racist’s Heems has already put out one mixtape this year: The scattered and ferocious Nehru Jackets, which showed deeper reserves of rage and confusion than you’d ever expect from anyone once widely considered to be a joke-rapper. Today, he was planning on releasing another, Wild Water Kingdom. But — a weird irony, considering the tape’s title — the recent New York flooding has kept Heems away from his computer, so the tape isn’t quite mixed and ready yet. We’ve already heard two of its tracks, “Killing Time” and “Cowabunga Gnarly.” And now, here’s another one, “Soup Boys (Pretty Drums),” which comes with a gorgeous floating-junkshop beat from Philly rapper/producer Lushlife. Listen below.

(via GQ India)

Wild Water Kingdom is presumably out soon.