Angel Haze – “Gossip Folks” Video

A couple of weeks ago, Angel Haze released her Classick mixtape, on which she interpolates a whole pile of fondly-remembered rap songs. Haze’s staggering, brave version of Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” is getting all the attention, and rightfully so. But Haze also deserves credit for resuming Missy Elliott’s ridiculously fun 2002 single “Gossip Folks” and for charging through it all twisty fast-rap style. (Fun fact: The Ludacris guest verse on the original “Gossip Folks” is the best shit ever. “Still ridin’ chrome! Got bitches in the kitchen, never home alone!”) Director Arnaud Miller’s new video for Haze’s version of the song is as bare-bones as it gets — just Haze rapping on a rooftop and in a doorway — but it gives her a chance to show serious presence. Watch it below.

Download Classick for free here.