Stream How to destroy angels_ An omen_ EP

Next week, Trent Reznor’s new project How to destroy angels_ will release An omen_, their new EP. We’ve already heard first single “Keep it together,” and we’ve seen the live-in-studio video and heard the great Factory Floor remix. And now the entire EP is streaming online. Settling down for my first listen, it’s immediately striking how pretty, withdrawn, and intricately arranged the EP’s first few songs are. We’re now miles removed from Nine Inch Nails’ supercharged teeth-gnashing.

And speaking of Nine Inch Nails! Reznor tells Rolling Stone that the band, now retired as a touring institution, will probably have new music on the way soon: “All signs point to yes… Yeah, there will be new music. There are some things in the works.” He even says that they could be willing to play some live shows in the right circumstances: “Yeah, if it feels right, it’s a possibility. I never said that that wasn’t going to happen, just that it couldn’t go on as it was. Having a few years doing other things, I’ve enjoyed [them] and I’m enjoying doing How to destroy angels_, and there will be a place for stuff that falls in the Nine Inch Nails column of things. It’s a different kind of work.”

In any case, stream the EP below.

(via the Hype Machine)

An omen_ is out 11/13 on Columbia.