Check Out The Third Man Records Novelty Lounge

Jack White’s Third Man Records Nashville headquarters now has a new feature: A tourist-attraction sort of deal called the Novelty Lounge. The room is filled with coin-operated gadgets like a video jukebox and a machine that makes wax models of guitars, and all of them run exclusively on Third Man tokens. And to celebrate the new room’s opening on Friday — Record Store Day’s Black Friday — the label is releasing a few limited-edition records, like a 7″ pressing of White’s single “I’m Shakin’.” They’ve also introduced the Lounge with a new goofy-skit YouTube video that stars White and some severely cute Third Man employees. Watch below.

Also, shout out to ABC’s Nashville for casting some corndog with a goatee as its White stand-in, a character that’s even less plausible than its absolute doof of a Tebow stand-in.

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