Friends With (Tsunami) Benefits

Stereogum is busy upgrading to MT 3.0. Exciting, I know. Normal posting of hott mp3s and Lindsay Lohan photos will resume soonish. In the meantime please do these things…

Kevan’s crossword appears in the NY Times (again!). Congrats Kev. You should all try it. It’s only Tuesday-level difficulty, but I suck at all crosswords. Oh, and tonight some band called “Arcade Fire” is playing live music. They’re big in Canada (and Norfolk). Stop by.

Alex co-produced a movie Assisted Living that opens this week in New York (Angelika on 2/2) and DC (Landmark’s E Street Cinemas on 2/4). It even got a New Yorker illustration. However, unless a ton of people (600+ per day) pay to see it in NY & DC it may disappear. So please check it out, and go to the afterparty. The film opens over the next few weeks in New Haven, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and in cities across Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky!

I’m going to see Hurlyburly. That’ll put me in the mood for Sarah’s decadent party, which everyone on the Internet is invited to. Dress code is goth, which shouldn’t be a problem for the DJs.

@ Happy Endings (302 Broome & Forsythe)
10pm-4am (Free SPARKS! from 11-12 obvs)

::Carlos D (Interpol)
::UltraGrrrl (Spinterpol)
::Lestat (Made Clothing)

Dancing Peggy’s band The Dares play at the Knitting Factory main space. They go on at 9pm and are playing with another band called The Positions who are a great pop band with a horn section. But Peggy’s great too ’cause she’s always dancing.

Back to the Knitting Factory main space. Starting at 10:30pm you will witness So Much Buzz you’ll want to start another blog. M.I.A., Diplo, and Nick Catchdubs in one room delivering the crunk to benefit tsunami victims! Yes, this is sold out so sell a kidney or something to get a ticket.