Tamaryn, Tropic of Cancer, Vum @ The Echo, Los Angeles 11/23/12

The Echo couldn’t hold anymore people as a sold out audience witnessed Tamaryn unleash a hypnotic set from their reverb-soaked sophomore album, Tender New Signs. Guitarist Rex Shelverton masterfully recreated the dense sheets of sound from the album with a Roland Space Echo and the highly utilized tremolo arm. Tropic Of Cancer and Vum provided support. Check out the gallery above and the setlist below.

01 “Mild Confusion”
02 “While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming”
03 “Heavenly Bodies”
04 “The Garden”
05 “Afterlight”
06 “No Exits”
07 “Love Fade”
08 “Prizma”
09 “The Waves”
10 “I’m Gone”