Soundgarden @ Fonda Theatre, Hollywood 11/27/12

Having appeared on Jimmy Kimmel the night before, Soundgarden packed out the Fonda Theatre for an intimate show celebrating the release of their welcomed return album King Animal. They were also celebrating the birthday of drummer Matt Cameron, who received a cake on stage. Soundgarden sounded phenomenal as they dropped a twenty-five song set that clocked in at nearly two and a half hours. Check out the gallery above and the setlist below.

01 “Jesus Christ Pose”
02 “Flower”
03 “Outshined”
04 “Spoonman”
05 “Attrition”
06 “Gun”
07 “By Crooked Steps”
08 “Taree”
09 “Non-State Actor”
10 “Get On The Snake”
11 “Blow Up The Outside World”
12 “Eyelid’s Mouth”
13 “Ugly Truth”
14 “Fell On Black Days”
15 “Been Away Too Long”
16 “Worse Dreams”
17 “My Wave”
18 “Burden In My Hand”
19 “A Thousand Days Before”
20 “Rusty Cage”
21 “Bones Of Birds”
22 “Rowing”
23 “Incessant Mace”
24 “Black Hole Sun”
25 “Slaves & Bulldozers”

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