Local Blogger Says Goodbye

When I was in high school, I was a really good math student. Even though I lost the enthusiasm for the routine of school, shall we say, a few years later, I legit enjoyed doing my Calculus homework. For me, the time I spent doing that work will be forever linked to the CDs I listened to; my parents would buy them for me because hey, there are worse habits to encourage, so thusly I knocked out stuff like OK Computer, Bitches Brew, basically anything AllMusicGuide gave five stars to (this included some Grateful Dead CDs. I eventually bought one of the signature bear patches. I never ended up sewing it on to anything). So, when I think of music, I like to think of math because ….

Nah, just playing. Today is my last day at Stereogum and I’d really like to thank Scott and Amrit for hiring me, taking a risk because manually entering music listings for Time Out New York didn’t necessarily translate into what they were doing and wanted to do (Hold up: maybe it did?) but they were patient and appreciative of my ideas from early on, even if I was the low man on the proverbial totem. They gave me the freedom to pursue the stuff I wanted to pursue through their platform, which is a really strong one. You’re always in the conversation at Stereogum. Thanks for putting a megaphone up to my voice, dudes.

(For best reading experience, please press play now)

I’ve been reading Tom’s shit so long that I can’t even really frame when I began, so working with him has been such a pleasure. I hope you all can appreciate what Tom does; he goes in on the subject matter, not ever trying to be too fussy with context or how he might look for having a certain opinion. He writes about music as music; he’s not too tethered to one scene or the other, and I think for all the places he writes for, that sensibility (music or no) shows up and it makes him one of the most consistently readable and thought-provoking guys writing and has been for some time. It also helps that’s he’s basically written half of the Internet at this point. I wonder if there’s some way to responsibly play some “how many random clicks in a browser does it take to land on a Tom Breihan article” game. Less than 10 probably? Tom’s kids are going to be tall, so I hope that he’s cool that I give their information to Bill Self.

I didn’t get to work with Michael long, but Michael is a great guy and a great person to work with. His enthusiasm pulls everyone up, and a lot of the things that have really connected on the site wouldn’t have happened without him (also he’s a huge X-factor; he’s the blog game Scott Brosious). I know the site’s going to be successful going forward and he’s a big part of that, no doubt. I love when he just goes off on something, and I think you can expect a lot more of that in the future.

Most of all I wanna thank the site’s boisterous commentariat, even if they do totally fly of the handle sometimes (not naming names_), because it’s a passionate group that enriches the site. How else would I have known the difference between M83 and Neon Indian?! Holy cow, remember that? I thought I was finished. Turns out I was only getting started. Made it to the top, took a seat, still sittin’! Or something to that effect.

Not getting defensive but to the dude who heckled me mercilessly for my avatar pic, that’s me as a college senior at the Final Four right after Mario Chalmers hit the miracle three and KU won the ‘ship. Sorry (read: not at all sorry, in the least) for being a goddamn champion.

I’ll be around. I appreciate y’all sticking around for the text smattering above, because here’s the real filet mignon: a complete random smattering of videos that I’m going to post because it’s my last day. Happy Birthday, Bo Jackson.

That One Shining Moment …. {fade out]