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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I didn’t write one of these lists last week because it was the day after Thanksgiving and that is simply not the type of thing that you do on the day after Thanksgiving. (What you do on the day after Thanksgiving, if you’re me, is wash so many dishes.) That means we have two weeks’ worth of music videos, and this list is so stacked that I couldn’t even make room for Lil Wayne’s shockingly decent Hunter S. Thompson impression. Check out the picks below.

5. How to destroy angels_ – “Ice Age” (Dir. John Hillcoat)

Hillcoat got his start doing music videos, but he’s better known for being buds with Nick Cave and for movies like the bloody, apocalyptic Australian Western The Proposition and for this year’s Lawless, which I seriously cannot wait to rent. And as an admirer of The Proposition, I’m happy to report that Hillcoat brings a similar sense of patience and dread to this video, which starts out as a meditative performance piece before the nanobots arrive and turn everyone into digital-distortion shadow-holes. Bonus points for a complete lack of sassy mammoths.

4. Three Loco – “Bong Hits” (Dir. Max Albert)

Music-video dumbshittery is one of my favorite things on this earth, and Riff Raff just might be this generation’s single finest music-video dumbshit. This video, which introduces Riff Raff’s particular brand of dumbshittery to the great sport of golf, is one of his finest acts of on-video dumbshittery yet, and his partners Dirt Nasty and Andy Milonakis have at least entered the conversation for the “Best Suporting Music-Video Dumbshit” Oscar.

3. Le1f & Boody – “Soda” (Dir. Sam Jones)

The best music video of the year that didn’t appear on any of these lists was probably Le1f’s “Wut,” which I totally brainfarted and forgot about whatever week it was released. This one pushes that video’s sparse club-freak aesthetic even further and shows a particular form of malevolent charisma that doesn’t exactly have a long history in the rap-video medium.

2. Flying Lotus – “Tiny Tortures” (Dir. David Lewandowski)

My intense and irrational dislike of Elijah Wood has always been a hard thing to explain. He seems like a nice enough guy with a decent taste in music. But he’s got that pinched and tiny little face, and he played a fucking soccer thug in the god-awful Green Street Hooligans, and he spent five hours hugging people at the end of Return Of The King. I don’t know. I’m not saying justifiable. I am, however, saying that my favorite role of his was in Sin City, in which we, the audience, were encouraged to root for Wood to be dismembered by wolves. This one, in Wood’s missing arm somehow leads to telekinesis, visits to Doctor Strange’s astral plane, and Cronenbergian body horror, is a close second. Something that Wood haters and likers can agree on: It’s fun to watch him missing limbs.

1. Hot Chip – “Don’t Deny Your Heart” (Dir. Peter Serafinowicz)

It takes a particular form of demented comedy genius to keep the commentators commentating through this whole thing. I wish those guys were in every music video.