Rick Ross – “100 Black Coffins”

I don’t generally write about my freelancing side-hustles on Stereogum, but this one sort of fits. Weirdest experience my entire 2012 came a couple of months ago, when Men’s Health flew me up to Montreal to talk to Jamie Foxx, who turned out to be seriously personable and charismatic in conversation. He was feeding me some of the same anecdotes that he told on Kimmel that week, and I didn’t even care because it was so much fun to listen to him tell them. And one of the best moments of the interview came when he described, in great detail, “100 Black Coffins,” the Rick Ross song he produced for the Django Unchained soundtrack. Like, he was actually rapping the song to me. Foxx described the song, more or less, as an Ennio Morricone spaghetti western theme, except with Rick Ross rapping on it, which sounded incredible. Today, we learn that it pretty much is incredible, even if Ross spends a while doing the ODB-on-“Ghetto Superstar” thing where he raps from the perspective of a character in the movie. I want a whole Ross album like this. Listen below.

(via Rap Radar)

The Django Unchained soundtrack is out 12/18 on Universal Republic.