The Killers – “I Feel It in My Bones”

If you hear the phrase “I Feel It In My Bones” during the holidays and immediately think of “Love Is All Around,” the Christmas #1 in the adorable contemporary British Xmas flick Love Actually, you’d love it in my family’s living later this month, where it will always be on the TV whenever a cable station (any cable station) happens to be playing it. If, on the other hand, you hear that phrase during the holidays and think of the Killers, you are on your music-news grind today. The latest in Brandon Flowers’ long line of yule-time jingles just hit the web, and it takes the operative phrase and combines it with some more traditional naughty-or-nice-isms for a song that otherwise sounds a lot like any old throwaway Killers track. In addition to being their umpteenth Christmas song, though, it also represents yet another foray into bones-related song motifs. Bones, like love, are all around us. Especially during the holidays.

You can hear the song, which also features vocals by Ryan Pardey, at Rolling Stone.

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