Arcade Fire Played New Songs In Montreal Saturday Night

Since upending NARAS with The Suburbs, popular Canadian recording outfit Arcade Fire have played SNL, shot hoops, and been “Crucified Again,” but otherwise things have beens silent on the future-album-cycle front. On Saturday night, though, the new LP hype cycle began in earnest.

According to AF fan syndicate @ArcadeFiretube (via CoS), the band performed a secret show (you can see how their faces are scratched out of the gig flyer above for added security) at Montreal’s Breakglass studio and unveiled a slew of new material. Now, back in October, AF drummer Jeremy Gara did a radio interview wherein he divulged the band was back “full time” in the studio working with no real time constraints, so it is possible at least some portion of the Breakglass set operated as a lowkey test for this previously unrecorded material.

To summarize @ArcadeFiretube’s hearsay reportage, the show was mostly for friends, and the strict no photo/video policy was enforced, in one case, by a violating recorder’s phone thrown against the wall. Intense! There was an official videographer in the house, apparently, whose camera probably wasn’t obliterated. Some second-hand descriptors for the material include “fun,” “dance-y,” “groovy,” with a song being called “slow” and another “punk-ish” with themes focusing on “mid 19th century and the African American history in the US.”

The relevant Tweets are embedded below, and that gig poster comes via Arcade Fire Tube’s Facebook.

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