Gummy Awards

Share Your Best Of 2012, Win An iPad

Heads up! You’ve got one more day to submit your picks in our annual Gummy Awards readers poll. It’s the special time of year when the staffs of Stereogum and Videogum take a break from making lists and ask you to do the work instead. Choose the year’s best albums, songs, videos, new acts, indie rock crushes, TV shows, movies, and viral videos … and you can win an iPad on which to enjoy them all! An iPad With Retina Display (WiFi + Cellular, 32GB) will go to one lucky voter selected randomly. Just do two things: (1) fill out the ballot here and (2) share your Best Album pick in that post’s comments. Thousands of you are filling out the ballot but not commenting — ya gotta comment to be eligible for the iPad. Winners will be revealed later this month.