The Human Host Movie Debuting In Brooklyn

I grew up in Baltimore, a city lucky to have a DIY teenage-punk scene that’s just unbelievably arty and weird, based as much around performance-art stunts as it is around two-chord riff-attacks. (Or at least, that’s how it was when I was a kid; I can’t speak to it now.) Mike Apichella was one of the main guys making that scene weird when I was a kid, and he recently wrote a gigantic history of one corner of it that made me a bit misty even though I was only around for a tiny bit of it.

The first music feature I ever wrote was about the Charm City Suicides, a really great punk band that Apichella led. For about the past decade, he’s led a weird performance-art punk collective called Human Host, and I profiled them early on, too. Apichella’s also spent the past five years working on something called The Human Host Movie, a video document of the work he’s done with that group. The movie is finally done, and it’ll have its big premiere Sunday night at 7PM in Brooklyn’s Goodbye Blue Monday coffeehouse. Watch a trailer below.

This should be weird! Every time I’ve seen Apichella perform, it’s been intense and memorable, and I expect that the same will be true of this.