Farewell Republic – “Lines” (Stereogum Premiere)

Brooklyn’s Farewell Republic debuted this year with their Burn The Boats LP, drawing inspiration from ’90s dream-pop and shoegazer but for detours into terrain more aggressive, and vocals more upfront and neatly intervallic (and nearly post-hardcore). Not a year’s passed and they’re ready with another self-produced full-length, Young Effete Titans of Industry.

That’s a rapid writing clip which bodes well, particularly because it’s produced “Lines,” a remarkable and genuinely rousing alt. rock gem. Its “Naked Eye”-like beat provides the steadily loping bed for dreamy, guitar-based arrangements that otherwise build with little repetition, section by section and layer by layer, delivering a finally sustained climactic high. “Lines” is smart and hearty and deceptively simple, and as a result earns its earnestness. The singing strains then simmers with yearning buttressed by vocals from Shannon Esper (of the recently profiled band the Echo Friendly). “It’s all that I’m feeling / you’re all that I’m feeling.” For certain types of couples, this song could be an anthem.

Farewell Republic – “Lines”

And here’s another, denser track from the record: “Bloomberg,” also featuring Esper.

Farewell Republic – “Bloomberg”

Farewell Republic will self-release their new LP Young Effete Titans of Industry in early 2013. Their debut LP, Burn The Boats, is available at Bandcamp. Find them @farewellrpblc or on Facebook.