The Walkmen Cover Neil Hagerty, Royal Trux

When the Walkmen stopped by Daytrotter recently, they decided to make it Neil Hagerty tribute day, covering “Yellow Kid” from Royal Trux’s 1998 album Accelerator along with Neil Michael Hagerty’s “Chicken, You Can Roost On The Moon” and “Greasy Saint” and “I’m Your Son,” both from 2003’s Neil Michael Hagerty & the Howling Hex. I’m a longtime Hagerty fan, solo material and all, but have always especially dug (and still dig) the dirty blues and psychedelic barroom squalls of Royal Trux, his project with Jennifer Herrema. My personal favorite is 1990’s Twin Infinitives because it found me at the right time and appealed to the free-noise part of my brain, but you’d do well to take the Walkmen’s advice and search out the later, more reigned-in Cats And Dogs. Before you listen to Ham & Co. give it a go, it’s interesting to read their thoughts behind Hagerty and the covers:

All of us admired Neil Hagerty’s band Royal Trux in the 90’s, and have been digging his solo records for years now. We used to do “Chicken, You Can Roost on the Moon” at some of our earliest shows. We used to do a much longer freak out part but I think we ran out of tape here. The Royal Trux were pretty bad ass, so we thought it was sort of funny to hear our dorkier grooves on songs like “Yellow Kid” and “Greasy Saint.” We were really thrilled with the way all four of these came out. I’d recommend the albums Cats And Dogs and Introducing The Howling Hex to newcomers.

Dig in. A reminder: You can still invest in You & Me for a mere $5.